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Typical Treatment and Fee Ranges

New Patients Welcome. Fees are highly variable because of many factors including but not limited to risk, complexity, doctor's experience, materials and the cost of business overhead. Total charges are often higher when treatments are delivered over multiple offices because each office then must meet its own overhead cost. But this is not always the case; Dr. Schlie is happy to work with your favorite dentist to bring cost effective solutions to you.

It is common for extensive treatment to be charged on a single fee basis rather than broken down into minor component parts. For example, in our office if Dr. Schlie  sets out to do a 12 Teeth Bridge on 6 Implants and it requires 1 or 2 more implants, he often will not charge anything extra. That would also be the case if minor bone grafting or tissue grafting becomes required.

Many cases are similar, many patients are similar, but no two cases and no two patients are identical therefore it is rare that treatment for you will be identical to that of your neighbor. Do you want to know what dental implants cost? Look below....

The depicted treatment and fees do not take into account potential additional costs such as exams, radiographs, CT scans, pre-treatment surgical guides, bone grafting, tissue grafting, and complications.

This information will help you get over sticker shock! It is good to remember that the primary reason prices seem so high for many is that the U.S. dollar has been significantly devalued since 1970! (In 1970 gold was $32 per ounce; at the time of this writing--mid May 2014--the price of bullion gold is $1295 per ounce! What is it right now? )

The information presented here is neither meant to be exhaustive nor is it meant to dictate what any doctor charges or any patient pays for treatment. This will merely give you some ideas of typical treatment solutions and fee ranges ($ U.S.) in California.

Our fees are generally within these typical ranges, are presented to you in writing, and agreed upon before treatment begins.

Legend --   P40=40th Percentile    P95=95th Percentile


12 Teeth Porcelain Bridge on 6 Implants              P40              P95
6 Implants 10896 15078
6 Posts 3876 6018
6 Crowns 7632 10914
6 Pontics 5970 8172
                    Typical Fee Range => 28374       to 40182
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Upper Hybrid Bridge on 6 Implants              P40              P95
6 Implants 10896 15078
6 Attachments 3876 6018
Hybrid FPD 4239 9013
                    Typical Fee Range => 19011       to 30109
Lower Hybrid Bridge on 5 Implants              P40              P95
5 Implants 9080 12565
5 Attachments 3230 5015
Hybrid FPD 4239 9013
                    Typical Fee Range => 16549       to 26593
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Bar Over-Denture on 4 Implants


4 Implants 7264 10052
Connecting Bar 2543 4002
Over Denture 2452 3440
                    Typical Fee Range => 12259      to 17494
Lower Over-Denture on 2 Implants              P40              P95
2 Implants 3632 5026
2 Attachments 1292 2006
Over Denture 2452 3440
                    Typical Fee Range => 7376       to 10472
3 Teeth Bridge on 2 Implants              P40              P95
2 Implants 3632 5026
2 Posts 1292 2006
2 Crowns 2544 3638
1 Pontic 995 1362
                    Typical Fee Range => 8463      to 12032
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2 Teeth on 2 Implants              P40              P95
2 Implants 3632 5026
2 Posts 1292 2006
2 Crowns 2544 3634
                    Typical Fee Range => 7468      to 10666
1 Tooth on 1 Implant              P40              P95
1 Implant 1816 2513
1 Post 646 1003
1 Crown 1272 1817
                    Typical Fee Range => 3734       to 5333
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