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These are some of the wonderful comments that have been made by our marvelous patients!

"We make your pretty smile, smile pretty!" 

I love Dr. Schlie and his staff. Thery're wonderful and they make you feel wonderful. Dr. Schlie is a man of his word. I'm blessed to have him for a dentist.

Fran "Frankie" McMcracken, Anderson, CA
Multiple implants, porcelain veneers, and gum surgery.

Until I lost my teeth I didn't realize how much I used them nor how often I smiled. Your office was very professional and friendly, and I always felt completely comfortable. If someone were to ask me about dental implants and treatment with dental implants, I would say GO FOR IT, you won't regret it!

Karrean Hutchens, Anderson, CA
Multiple single tooth replacement and sinus augmentation.

My implants feel like natural teeth. I can enjoy several foods that were impossible to eat before. I smile more often and have much more confidence in my self esteem.

Dr. Schlie and his staff are very professional, kind, friendly and caring. I was treated with the utmost respect. I felt that I was not only a patient but also a friend.

If someone were to ask me about dental implants, I would say:

Do not wait!! Do it now!! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. You have so much to gain. You will feel and look great! Call Dr. Schlie now. You will not be sorry. Smile, smile, smile.

Sandy Jones, Pasadena, CA and now retired to Yreka, CA
Implant supported lower denture and spare on 5 implants plus standard full upper dentures and spare.

I’m eager to bite into an apple!!! Your office is friendly, professional and encouraging. If someone asks me about my implants, I will show them!

Doug Gilliam, Mount Shasta, CA
6 upper implants support full upper denture with open palate.

The most positive result is that it looks much better.
I appreciate your great friendly staff and doctor.
Don’t think twice – get it done.
With the implant procedures, there was no pain & healed quickly.

Ronald Wickershiem, Redding, CA
Single tooth replacement, start to finish in less than 1 month with implant, post, and crown instead of bridge.

I have had 3 separate sets of dentures since 2004. In every set the lowers were a horror to wear, keep in and chew with. The ones I’ wearing now are not just dentures – they are implants – a working combination of the artistry and engineering abilities of my dentist, Dr. Schlie.

The results are wonderful. When they are in place, I don’t feel them at all. It’s as if they’re my own teeth. The uppers are good too – I barely notice them but, they are not implants so in a since they can’t be compared.

The design and making of the amazing dentures were the result of time (8 months) the artistry and engineering skills that were applied by Dr. Schlie as my bones, jaw, face and throat were analyzed and in some area, altered so that the dentures would fit not only my gums, but also my face. There are pictures. You should see them!

If you have dentures, you’ll know that there’s a certain stigma of being a denture wearer. I no longer have this since I can’t tell I’m wearing dentures – they look and chew and feel like my own teeth.

Dr. Schlie is very smart. He has learned and honed his skill to mastery, is rather good looking and often subtly funny. His assistant, Christine, has all these same gifts except being funny.

I have never waited nor seen anyone else waiting for an appointment so his schedule is flawless, and I come away feeling as if I was the “Patient of the Day!”

If you are thinking of dentures for any reason you must call Dr. Schlie.


Barbara Denny, Lewiston, CA
Implant supported lower denture and standard full upper denture

Today I threw away a tube of Poligrip and a tube of Fixodent, then a box of Poligrip strips and my Seabond wafers. I then noticed an old can of Rigident Adhesive Powder and tossed that too.
What a great testament to my dentist! Thank you Dr. Schlie

Barbara Denny (Lewiston, CA)
Implant supported lower denture and standard full upper denture

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